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Terrell Suddarth

Tom saved us more than $2 Million on our new facility. My only regret is that we didn’t involve him earlier in the process. I know without a doubt he could have saved us even more.

Cindy Siljestrom

“Apex Project Consulting provided full service project management; including architectural design, engineering construction, as well as move management, furniture selection, and finishes. Apex got involved and immediately represented us with the landlord.

Apex’s expertise was invaluable and saved us tens of thousands.”

Josh Beaty

Apex Project Consulting managed and delivered our last project with zero change orders. None. I have seen personally, firsthand, how Apex lives up to their guarantee of no change orders. They made it happen on our project.

Apex…helped Logomark avoid many unnecessary costs as well as risks we didn’t know we would encounter. Apex Project Consulting’s expertise gave us the extra added boost – from finding and hiring the right engineering team to ensuring that we received the best value from the contractor we hired.

Ed Reichardt

Tom has the knowledge and experience in construction, electrical, contracts and City issues to prevent risks…The net result was on-time delivery of both locations (HID’s Manufacturing Facility and Corporate Headquarters), 100% continuity of production and operations, and in excess of $670,000 combined cost savings from Project Management, and after tax cash benefits from cost segregation.

Jaime Perikly

Tom’s change management skills are superior to those I have seen in others. His budget management reduced unnecessary capital expenditures and kept preventable change orders and rework to a minimum…I recommend Tom for any project regardless of scale or complexity due to his mastery of project leadership and communications.

Ryan McLean

As head of operations for Razor I oversaw… [our] relocation from Pomona to Rialto. Key to completing the deal was early occupancy. Tom was always driving the schedule [and ensuring] smooth operations for Razor. The job completed on time…and Razor is now comfortably in a first class facility. Tom managed a challenging project well and I recommend him without hesitation for any Project Management opportunity.

Richard Mezadurian

Little did we know of the vast array of complexity that surrounds every project in California. How you were able to organize our wishes into a cohesive plan of action is still a mystery to me. But we are extremely pleased with the results of our project.

Darren Hill

Tom made me look like a hero. He made the impossible happen on an impossible time allotment for a project…The RIGHT project manager makes the difference in getting the deal done or not getting it done.

Michael DelSanto

Tom’s superior project management pedigree goes beyond construction management and deep into subject matter expertise.

Tom excels at transforming a complex bundle of challenges, tight deadlines, competing demands, budget constraints, city approvals etc., into a predictable and coherent process that mitigates surprises and unnecessary costs.

At the finish line he has exceeded expectations for all parties involved.

Tom’s combination of expertise with large scale, high-stakes projects is unique among all project managers I’ve relied upon.

He has my unequivocal trust and enthusiastic recommendation.

Jeff Sandler

I highly recommend Tom. On the project for our company, Tom:

  1. Innovated solutions that created over $2 Million in savings
  2. Implemented an architect and contractor selection that guaranteed minimal risk, change orders and delays
  3. Avoided enormous problems by implementing tactics to reduce the project schedule by 3 months; ensuring on time delivery and preventing holdover
  4. Provided outstanding expertise with the design and construction of clean rooms, labs, tissue processing, and anything else related to bio tech processing
Steven McNamee

The success of our [corporate headquarters and clean room production facilities] relocation has been due in no small part to your project leadership. You successfully brought out the best in other team members and fostered an  environment of cooperation and teamwork. This is no small feat given where we started. I can unequivocally say that project management skills, interpersonal talents, financial acumen, technical knowledge, drive, and analytical skills made our project the success that it was.

Brett Dedeaux

Tom was the Project Manager for our client Kohler and exceeded their expectations with his diligent efforts. We had some aggressive time-frames to complete this project and he got it done!! Nice work Tom.

Elise Luckham

Tom does a great job as a Senior Project Manager. He not only manages his team well to ensure a consistent and timely work product, but understands the broader real estate perspective and other concerns which allows him to anticipate issues and resolve them early in the process.

Brian Childs

There were many people within Kohler Co. who were skeptical about the ability to make a 480,000 SF spec building operational within 5-6 weeks. Even more so, to complete the entire tenant improvements…within 8-9 weeks. Your team’s ability to do so is a remarkable accomplishment, and one that has earned great praise at Kohler Co.

Lloyd Wallsten

The Project Management team…worked diligently to ensure that the complex layout of our operations and the integration of our subcontractors were coordinated in a timely and highly cooperative manner. This collaboration ensured that our needs and objectives were met on time and as promised. I can comfortably say that your team has completely met and often exceeded our expectations.

Christopher Galleto

The extraordinary project management skills and commitment to excellence that Tom displayed while supporting the launch of our Southern California distribution center were exceptional. He exceeded our expectations on every aspect of the project and was a key to its success.

Kaya Murray

Tom has helped me be successful with large, ground-up industrial real estate development projects as well as time-sensitive projects such as tenant improvement build-outs. I’ve also relied on Tom’s expertise to help me underwrite capital needs at our older industrial buildings.”

Steven White

Just a quick note to express our sincere appreciation…with our new San Bernardino distribution center. The extensive building improvements integrated with the installation of a state of the art material handling system was a necessary component of the project. Supported by your exceptional project management and keeping all parties on task the project was completed on time and under budget.

Lynn Collman

Decommissioning our manufacturing plant was an extremely complex operation. Tom was an invaluable partner and instrumental to helping Naked Juice simplify and understand the process. Tom’s knowledge, industry contacts, strategic planning and intrinsic understanding of the challenges we faced proved pivotal to our success.”

Howard Hutt

…Delighted with the Project Management work you…have done with the construction and tenant improvements…We were under an extreme time crunch. Your relationship with the City of San Bernardino and the permit process saved time. The team you assembled made the design and construction process go smoothly and quickly. The professionalism and courteous attitude, expert knowledge and patience…was essential to our success.


“The challenge facing APC was how to quickly go from an empty warehouse shell to fully functioning, state of the art, warehouse and distribution hub while simultaneously managing costs and avoiding lengthy approvals and installation.

[T]o minimize time to market for crucial design elements, key subcontractor selection, specialized local permitting and expedited construction management, APC partnered with…Tom Conzelman. [T]he team immediately identified first-class local vendors and developed a detailed project plan to kick-start APC’s operations. The net result was that APC was operational and moving product through their facilities on-time as required.”

Larry Rosolowski

“Tom does a great job, always staying on top of things and paying close attention to details. I highly recommend him.”

Marty Davidson

“Tom is truly a standout among all project managers I’ve worked with or have worked for me; and that is saying a lot. I’ve relied on Tom to consistently deliver results, whether it’s rescuing a troubled engagement or a leading specialized project teams. Tom demonstrates a unique combination of sophisticated project management acumen matched with a robust can-do work ethic. Regardless of the challenge, Tom delivers.”

Scott Germann

Tom’s project leadership of our new corporate headquarters and warehouse project was exceptional. His knowledge, professionalism and commitment to overcoming challenges made all the difference.