From time to time, great businesses need new buildings.

We make new buildings happen.


We help you design and build your new facility.

AerospaceTwo contractors

Using our Proprietary Project Delivery System,
we manage the entire process, including overseeing…

• architects

• engineers

• general contractors


We dramatically reduce risks, costs,
and delays due to change orders.


On time, on budget…Guaranteed!™

Project Management Consulting On Time, On Budget…Guaranteed!™

It’s more than just a statement.  It’s a promise.

It’s what Apex can do for you, just like we’ve done for other clients who brought us in to guide them through vendor selection, design and project management using our Propriety Project Delivery System.

On one recent project, we developed a strategy that eliminated risks the client didn’t know they had, shortened the project schedule by 21%, and reduced the capital budget by a whopping18%.

Needless to say, that 18% savings resulted in a very robust ROI on our Project Management fees.

Looking for similar results? Let’s talk.

The Apex Difference

Discover what separates Apex from our competitors—this is CRITICAL information that you’ll want to know.

Consulting Services

Apex brings you unparalleled depth of qualifications. See why we’re a NATURAL for your next project.

Project Types

Our breadth of experience with many diverse projects sets us apart–and helps ensure your success.

Apex Project Consulting: What to Expect

If you’re about to launch a new design and building project for your company, you’ll want to know what to expect from your Project Manager. At Apex, we approach these situations with a unique advantage – and the difference drives results for our clients.

We are Project Leaders. That’s a notch or two above the traditional role of the project manager. As Project Leaders, our clients call us into the process at the very earliest stages.

This vantage point is critical to our effectiveness and our client’s success.

We lead our clients through the concept stage, guiding all aspects of the project.  This includes developing the project scope and specifications, as well as drafting contracts for the architects, engineers and general constructors. We can even handle the selection of furniture, carpeting, and signage, you name it.

We use our broad experience to assess your current situation against our knowledge base of best practices.

  • We uncover risks you didn’t know you had.
  • We implement our Proprietary Project Delivery System that is proven to deliver optimal results every time.
  • We develop cost savings tactics that drive value to the bottom line.
  • We ensure your project stays on schedule so you experience a seamless transition into your new facility.

We do all of this so you don’t have to.

Ask yourself:  do you really have the time and expertise to handle the million and one details that are part of a major design and all the project management?

We do! And we can save you time and countless dollars as well. As our clients will attest, Apex Project Consulting delivers above and beyond expectations.

Jeff Sandler

Tom innovated solutions that created over $2 Million in savings.

Christopher Galleto

He exceeded our expectations on every aspect of the project and was a key to its success.

Our Project Management Guarantee: Zero Change Orders

Change orders are almost a routine occurrence on new projects. But whenever they occur, they’re always an unpleasant surprise for project owners.

What if there was a way to completely eliminate change orders? A systematic, proprietary approach to engaging building design professionals that works without change-order? Can that happen?

Yes, it can, absolutely! But very few, if any, ordinary project managers can make it happen.

Because of our unique background we know how to set up your project for zero change orders long before schematic is drawn. With a background practicing law and as a licensed contractor, we know how to protect you against those budget busting change orders.

We can provide you with proven methods that will save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in additional, unbudgeted costs. We’ve actually proven this on several recent projects.

With Apex, zero change orders are not just possible, they’re the new normal.  When you choose Apex to be your Project Leader before you hire your architect or contractor, we can guarantee it.

Calling us early makes all the difference and we can show you how.

Our Project Management Clients:

Ultimately what matters most is how we meet our clients’ expectations and deliver their projects on time and on budget.  Would you like to know what our clients say about us? Find out on our testimonials page.

Most of all, we’d like to know more about your project to see how we can help. Please contact us today.

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